Monday, September 10, 2007

Small Business Corner-Avoid HR burnout

(NC)-Everyone knows it's the people that make or break a business especially a small business - and most entrepreneurs say human resources issues keep them awake at night. The trouble is most entrepreneurs don't have the time or the know-how to manage their human resources (HR) needs.

"Employees want their HR issues addressed quickly and efficiently, regardless of the size of the business," says Rod Dobson, president of ADP Canada. "Disorganized HR practices often lead to employee departures, which can be a major distraction for the entrepreneur."

Even with the help of an employee entirely responsible for HR, the burden is quite significant, especially when that individual additionally handles things like accounting, scheduling, office management and payroll.

It's a myth that only large companies can afford to outsource HR-related processes. Countless small businesses are taking advantage of employer services companies for a broad range of affordable, tailor-made services, such as:

  • Employee record-keeping
  • Management of salaries and pay grades
  • Tracking employee benefits and absence plans
  • Documentation of employee performance and attendance
  • Management of government compliance requirements
  • Streamlining recruiting and hiring
  • Development of strategic career and succession plans
  • Link-ups to payroll systems.

"Entrepreneurs don't get into business because they like dealing with administration and HR related issues," says Dobson. "In fact, most business owners tell us every minute they spend on HR is another minute they're not out building their company."

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