Thursday, December 6, 2007


Every year at this time business struggles with the dreaded year end crunch. That means there are too many things to do but not enough time and resources to do them.

With the holiday season upon us, staff vacations and not enough money in the budget, how to cope?

We can help. We are your Business Services specialists. We know what you need to get done and we have the staff and skills to meet your needs.

You're shorthanded. But the big Christmas mailing still needs to get out. Why not save the hair-graying and have us do it. We can print, stuff and mail your Christmas project, on time and affordably. Just give us a call.

At year end your budget is tight. But your work still needs to get done. If you have a business services need, be it printing or copying, mailing, word processing, newsletter creation and distribution... Give us a call. We'll deliver, ensuring you can enjoy your holiday worry-free.

Of course many companies have a year-end budget surplus as well. We can help by providing you with a print card in any denomination. By prepurchasing today you can enjoy the cost savings benefit tomorrow. Contact any of our Winnipeg Downtown and Interlake locations to find out what options we have available to you.

You have that HUGE print job that must be done before Santa arrives. We have the capacity to handle just about any size job, and we can meet your delivery needs. If sleeping stress free is important to you, why not give us a call.

You don't need any more stress in your life at this time of year -- and we thrive on stress. Why not give us your stress-inducing business service projects and enjoy the holidays the way they were meant to enjoy.

The UPS Store Winnipeg Downtown and The UPS Store Interlake, Your Business Services Specialist’s, Wish You a Wonderful Holiday Season full of Warmth, Joy and Magical Moments.

Happy Holidays from The UPS Store Winnipeg Downtown and The UPS Store Interlake!

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